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Hello dear subscribers! I'm Olga Bogan, the Knit Planet channel. Today's project is knitted baby booties. This booties model is easy, comfortable and suitable for both boys and girls..

The booties are knitted with 2 needles in garter stitch. Here I will show you a booties knitting technique for the calculations I've already prepared..

Foot length is 8 cm. Yarn weight is 270 m per 100 g Spokes # 3. For calculation of other size or yarn weight, go to the web-site knit-together.com. The page address is in the description of this video. You will find there an easy way to calculate stitches for any size and yarn..

There are several stages of this project. We start knitting from the top shin part. This part covers shin above ankle. It is indicated by orange. Then move on to the toe knitting. It is indicated by blue. Next, knit booty side part, indicated by green..

Then knit soleplate made from brown yarn. And finally, the back of the booty, indicated by yellow..

The height of the shin part is determined by the model. In this case 3 cm or 12 rows. Cast on 27 stitches. This number is always has 3 aliqoutes. Knit 12 rows garter stitch. Knit side edge with braided stitches..

For this purpose make last stitch of every row of "Granny's" purl,.

And slip the first stitch of every row..

Now we knit eyelet for lace..

Make the 13th row of purl stitches. Slip the 1st stitch..

Make the last stitch of the row with "Granny's" purl..

Turn the work. Slip the 1st stitch. Purl 14th row..

Knit 15th row as follows: slip an edge stitch, Two next stitches knit together through the back loop..

Make reverse yarn over. Two next stitches purl together through the back loop..

Knit like this up to the end of row..

There will be one knit stitch at the end of row..

And one edge stitch..

Turn the work and knit the next row of "granny's" purl stitches..

Make yarn overs through the back loop..

Now let's knit toe. Divide stitches onto 3 equal parts, get 9 stitches. We are going to knit only the middle part. We need 16 garter stitch rows..

Slip a first stitch. Then knit 9 stitches of the right part. We will knit this row through the back of the loop..

Knit 9 stitches of the middle part..

9th stich is "Granny's" purl..

Turn the work..

Now knit the middle part only..

Thus knit 16 rows..

After toe has been knitted, continue with side parts..

To do this we need to pick up stitches from the side part of the toe..

First, we will pick up stitches on the left side..

To pick up a stitch insert the left needle into edge stitch from front to back taking both sides..

And knit it with "granny's" purl stitches..

Similarly pick up next stitch..

Totally we need to pick up 8 stitches..

Knit stitch of left side by loop back..

Turn work to the wrong side..

Knit stitches..

Note that picked up stitches are reversed..

We will knit them by loop backs to set them on the regular position..

On the other side of toe pick up stitches as follows: Insert the left needle onto an edge stitch back to front,.

Taking both sides and knit the stitch..

Pick up 8 stitches also..

Knit the rest of stitches..

After we have joined toe stitches, we knit the side part of 12 rows in garter stitch..

There are 43 stitches on the needle..

The side part is ready. Start to knit a sole. We will knit just 9 stitches of the central part only, joining side stitches..

The lenght of the side is 17 stitches..

First knit 17 stitches of right side..

Complete 17 stitches of right side. And knit the middle part. Knit 8 stitches..

Reverse 9th stitch of the middle part..

And knit it together with a next stitch (which is the first of the left side) by loop back..

Turn the work..

Slip the first stitch..

Purl the ninth stithc of the middle part together with a next stitch (which is the first of the side) by "Granny's" purl..

Turn the work on the front side..

Continue to knit the middle part, adjoining stitches of sides..

Further, you no longer need to reverse the loop,.

Knit straight on the front side 2 stitches together by loop backs..

On the wrong side purl 2 stitches together by "Granny's" purl..

So we need to connect all stitches of the sides..

The booty sole is completed. There are 9 sitches on the needle..

Now knit the pack of bootie attaching edge stitches on the sides..

Slip the first stitch of the row..

Knit 8 stitches. Don't knit 9th stitch, just slip it on the needle..

Insert the left needle into edge stitch from front to back taking both sides,.

Put the ninth stitch back on left needle,.

Knit stitches together by loop back..

Turn the work..

Slip the first stitch..

Slip the last stitch to the right needle..

Insert the left needle onto an edge stitch back to front,.

Put the stitch back on the left needle..

Purl stitches together by "Granny's" purl..

Continue to knit and attach side edge stitches. up to the place for lace eyelet..

We have reached the place for lace eyelet..

Knit ight row.

Attaching side edge stitches..

Purl wrong row..

Slip the first stitch of the next row. Then knit the first stitch by loop back..

Make reverse yarn over. Knit 2 stitches by loop back..

Yarn over. 2 stitches together. Yarn over. 2 stitches together..

Attach last to the side edge..

Purl the wrong row by "granny's" purl..

Knit the yarn over by loop back..

Next row knit by loop backs..

We have knitted an eyelet. Continue to knit garter stitch up to the end of the back part..

Bind off last row..

Knit second booty similarly..

The tops of the booties are crocheted with single crochets..

Shoelaces crocheted with chain stitchs and decorated with tassels..

Lace length is 40 cm. That is all. Stay with us. Subscribe to the YouTube channel Knit Planet. Bye!

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