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Вязание крючком. Урок 20 - Простой цветочек | Simple flower crochet

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Hello dear subscribers and guests of my channel, I'm glad to welcome you! in this video I want to show you how bind a simple flower make a sliding loop.

Remove from the finger in this loop we must tie.

12 columns without crochet we bind.

Here I tied 12 posts without a crochet.

And a sliding loop I'm delaying now doing connecting post.

Here we are this middle further we make 3 air loops.

And in the first loop knit 3 posts with 2 nakidami.

Further 3 air loops and a column without a crochet in the next loop Here we are one flower petals continue in the same circle 3 air loops 3 tables with 2 cloaks in the next loop.

Three air loops A column without a crochet in the next loop and so continue on the county.

Third column with 2 pieces and the last three air loops in the last loom connecting post.

This a wonderful, simple flower I got it Learn! Dare! At you necessarily all will turn out! If you liked the video, put LIKE leave your comments And be sure to subscribe to my channel! Until next time!

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