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Top Ten Knitting Tips

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In this video we will be running through our top 10 knitting tips, handy things we wish we knew when learning to knit!

Tip 1 Which yarn and needles should I use 0:56

Tip 2 How should I hold my needles 2:02

Tip 3 How do I start my second row 3:35

Tip 4 Why should I make a tension swatch 5:26

Tip 5 How do I count my stitches and rows 6:48

Tip 6 I’ve put my knitting down, how do I start again 11:56

Tip 7 How can I pick up a dropped stitch 13:17

Tip 8 How should I join a new ball of yarn 16:15

Tip 9 How do I use a lifeline 18:15

Tip 10 Which is the best way to sew in yarn ends 23:23

In this video we use:

- Crazy Sexy Wool in Cloudy Blue https://goo.gl/5If0Bi

- 15mm/US19 rosewood needles https://goo.gl/SPtWA5

Ever wanted to learn how to knit? Want to jump on the crochet trend? WATG are here to offer you the latest tutorials for on trend styles and techniques. From beginner's how to's to expert knitting techniques, we're here to help you become part of the gang.

Wool And The Gang is a do it yourself and ready to wear fashion brand for women, men, kids and babies.

Our do-it-yourself kits contain everything you need to get started with knitting.

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