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Hello and as always video without superfluous words today I will tell about unusual build-up of nails namely nail extensions with the help of.

Napkins are often thanks to similar forms they differ by its tackiness size and design and so on but Today I will build up thanks to a plain napkin.

I have a double-layer paper napkins this pattern can not be used.

We will cut off this part and use only the smooth part of the napkin I repeat the napkin we need only one layer therefore we share napkin and from this part of the napkin we already we will also work similarly building that is, without forms, you can silk for repair of nails But since silk is found more is problematic and the strength of silk is also there are different is problematic and the strength of silk is also there are different.

So the use of silk is not so popular than the build-up of napkins.

With these pens today we will work nails are basically standard This build-up is well done for short nails of so-called rodents This is when the nail reaches only this parts everything else this part is already the beam itself fingers first we process hands.

Antiseptic then take a file for Nail 180 per 100 grit 180 This is the part for.

Natural nail 100 for artificial material, remove the length.

Nail and polish the surface further take a diamond flame and with the help of.

This nozzle we lift the cuticle soft brush to avoid discomfort to the client we clean all the dust of sleep is disgusting then with the scapula we move the cuticle and.

With the side of hatchet we remove the keratinized part of the nail cut the cuticle and.

Degrease the nail I do it with alcohol followed by a primer brush primer It is necessary to squeeze well from surpluses on tassel cover the nail with primer thin layer so that the primer does not flow into the stretch the skin excesses.

Primer and let it dry up a couple minutes on air we take the base.

Gel with a thin layer of rubbing movements we smear the nails with a base.

We seal the butt and send it to the lamp for a minute at this time cut the napkin remember the napkin we need to use only a flat part of the patterned part is not We take and do notches on a napkin for width of the nail cut out a strip apply to the nail and check Whether our napkin fits if not cut off its extra parts again we smear with the base gel and on.

Undried basic gel apply napkin trample it.

You can do this and pleace with a new wand to the nail.

The napkin to the nail should fit necessarily densely and send to dry.

In the lamp one minute then again cover the base gel with the same.

Rubbing movements all joints Spread a well-free part.

Napkins we also smear the base we send to dry one minute then we take a modeling gel of medium viscosity put a little bit of gel on the nail and.

Distribute it along the entire length now turn the nail and tip.

Brushes distribute the gel throughout length while forming a correct We do this for the nails so that we drink less send to the lamp for 30 seconds set clamp and till we dry the vampy for another 30 seconds this is so that the nail is not flat.

Then remove the clamp to remove the stickiness and start to move to the saw remove the length we correct the form then in cuticle area take the nail file more specifically soft it part is 180 grit or 240 and gently walk around the cuticle by this you smooth and the transition between the gel and natural nails.

Because of this, you avoid the further turn the nail here.

We need to cover with the base gel this part and here it is to avoid breakdowns like it was before with work with tipsov good missed.

Base gel side parts and a drop of gel we pass at the junction.

Free cut of natural nail we dry in a lamp one minute a palm.

To the top and go to the design cover nail polish gel-varnish company with VAT yen number.

104 this gel-varnish is sufficiently dense lies a maximum of two layers of dried.

Take him for 30 seconds flakes yuki ordered on the website aliexpress good.

Quality soft crochet flakes clip the dice with gel-varnish and stretch them.

From the free edge closer to the cuticle we cover with a top without an adhesive layer.

We seal the ends of the nails with lamp for one minute then take the oil for.

Cuticle it is not greasy but just covers up thin film freshly cut skin for that there is not got an infection and admire the result of such an increase very good for use in home conditions if you are building up nails yourself or it's nails.

Rodents that is very very short marigolds under which the form is substituted.

It's hard enough this way for you help thanks for watching my video subscribe to my channel put husky dislajki I will be glad meet in the next video bye-bye

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