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Лучшая ШАПКА Спицами / Мастер класс / Вязание Knit Mom

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How to knit a hat. How to knit a beanie. Пушистая шапка Шапка из ангоры и альпаки.

Видео о вязании шапок https://ali2.ru/g1ThN787

Видео мастер класс на шапки в начале видео https://ali2.ru/g1jf3Cmc


0:18 демо шапок

3:15 та самая шапка (this one we are goung to knit)

4:37 пряжа для вязания шапки (the yarn and the needles)

7:34 спицы и количество петель для вязания шапки (the pattern)

9:38 проставляем маркеры и разбиваем макушку шапки на секции (separating the stitches in 4 sectors)

15:40 убавки для макушки шапки (desceases)

22:22 стягиваем макушку шапки (forming the top of the hat)

23:36 прячем кончики (weaving the ends)

Пряжа Katia Silk Alpaca

Альтернатива Lana Grossa Silk Hair

Lana Gatto

BBB Setal

Alize Kid royal (не рекомендую)

Оставьте один комментарий к этому видео. По доброй традиции выберу троих и пришлю схему и описание шапки с совой.

Набрать 70 петель.

1 ряд по кругу лицевыми, 2 изнаночными, + ещё 34 ряда лицевыми.

Убавки далее в каждом третьем ряду.

Останется 20 петель, стягиваем,готово.


How to Knit a Hat for Beginners

Knitting a hat circular needles

knitting in the round

how to knit a hat for beginners and how to knit a beanie

Hi! Here I am demonstrating the hats that I have knitted

This type of a beanie you can knit easily but I will show how to do it in my next video

Also I am talking about the types of weather in Russia and when I wear this hat

please be patient the tutorial will start soon

Here I am demonstrating the other hat but it is not that one that we are going to knit today

If you want to knit such beanie I will give you a link in the description field below

Finally! This beauty we are going to knit today

This beanie is knitted from the yarn Katia Silk Alpaca

I have used 4 balls of yarn. The yarn caracteristics are 25 g pur 150 m (164 yards). I have knitted in 4 threads. Put them together and used the needles number 3,5 (mm) or 4 (US)

Here I am talking about the yarn softness. It consists from 70 % alpaca and 30 % silk. Needless to say that the hat is extreamely soft and warm

You may use any yarn that you wish. It may be mohair and silk, wool blended yarn. But please pay attention to the knitting gauge. Your gauge should be the same as mine If you want your beanie to be the same. My hat is for an adult person. My head is 56 sm in a round. The hat fits 54 sm - 58 sm rounds

My gauge is 3,5 stitches pur inch. So please knit a sample 4 inches pur 4 inches and measure which number of stitches do You have in one inch

If you have more number of stitches in one inch take the needles of bigger size , e.g. 4 mm or 4,5 mm (6 or 7 US)

If you have less number of stitches in one inch take the needles of smaller size, e.g. 3 mm (3 US) and knit another sample. The gauge is very important.

Here I give other recommendations which yarn you can use

Lana Grossa Silk Hair

Lana Gatto

Rowan Kid Classic

or yse any yarn that you wish

Here I am demonstrating my needles. If you are interested I am using Lana Grossa Quatro 80 sm

The instractions and the pattern:Cast on 70 stitches ,Knit in the round .

1 row knit all stitches

2 row pearl (purl ) all stitches

3 row and other 34 rows knit in a round

Then make the decreases. I will show how to do this in 9:38 timing line

Separate all the stitches in 4 sectors

Put the markers. In every third row make decreases from both sides of each marker

I show the prossess in 15:40 timing line

When you will get 20 stitches on your needkes just cut the working thread leaving 8 inches tail, pull it into the tapestry needle and weave the end. I show how to do this in 22:22 timing line.

Then weave the tail from the cast on point . I show this moment in 23:36 timing

Wash your hat in a washing mashine USE WOOLY PROGRAM OR DELICATE WASHING AND SPESIAL WASHING GEL FOR WOOL AND SILK. Or you can also wash your hat handly. Then let it dry flatly. Good luck!

вязание knitting рукоделие how to knit ручная работа how to knit a hat easy своими руками одежда покупки мастер-класс 2017 мк

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